Our Vision

Our Vision is to create more than just a newer hall or more rooms….

We think Winscombe is a special place to live, a real community. We want to create a space that supports and nurtures the village community for the next generation.

  • A hub of life and activity for everyone
  • A modern venue
  • A place everyone feels ownership of
  • A facility serving all age ranges
  • A venue well connected to other community assets
  • A space that the whole community can use and take pride in

Steert dancer

We are ambitious and believe this could be achieved, but we need to make sure what we do is supported by the village and meets its needs.

This is why we will be sharing the feasibility study and seeking views.

What could you imagine..?

Dancing by stage

  • Space for drama
  • A youth area
  • Somewhere to meet
  • Pop-up cinema
  • Pop-up shop area
  • Somewhere to party
  • Indoor sports
  • A wedding reception venue



 What’s your vision??  

And see What is feasible? at this link.