What is feasible?

We commissioned Stride Treglown Architects to help us look at the feasibility of two far-reaching options to provide:

  • a welcoming communal entrance space
  • a large hall, double height & with a stage
  • medium hall for youth activity
  • a modern kitchen
  • landscaping and an improved link to the Millennium Green & Strawberry line

Details of the options are described below.  We are going to carry on exploring Option 2 as the only feasible way to deliver what we need.

Option 1: Was upgrading and adding to the current main building

Option 2: Is creating a new purpose built building

Option 1

Would upgrading and adding to the current main building be feasible?

The position of the current building: adjacent to the road, nearby housing and the route of a major sewer, and also the slope of the old playground behind, all mean there are severe constraints on what could be achieved.

This outline plan shows what might possibly be achieved in this space.  It preserves (in pink) the current main hall and adjacent main rooms and adds a two storey extension on the back, down the playground.  The plan doesn’t deliver all the specifications – for example a welcoming entrance space and room for a stage – and has other problems caused by the constraints of the available space.


Option 2

Could we create a new purpose built building?

This plan shows such a building designed to meet all the criteria.


Such a building could be accommodated within the current WCA site on part of the field.



And an impression of this …



You can view the full feasibility study here in pdf format:


We think this work shows Option 1 isn’t realistically viable.  The available space is too constrained by planning rules, highway requirements and the topography of the space.

Option 2 is viable but raises some questions for the village to consider about the use of the site.

So What Happens Next?