What is happening?

The story so far ….

Winscombe community centre has existed for 40 years.

The facilities were built as school premises in the mid-19th century and adapted for use as a community centre in 1979.


The buildings have served us well but they are not getting any younger! Running costs are high and some of the separate buildings are near the end of their life.

Not being purpose-built the facilities are not ideal for their current uses.  They are too small and limit the activities villagers can use them for, now and in the future.

Winscombe is much bigger than it was 37 years ago and is likely to grow. 

The Parish is in need of modern facilities for youth activities,  social functions, clubs, culture and all the things that go to make a thriving village community.  Somewhere to act as a central hub used by all ages that is relevant for today and for the next generations.

The current buildings as they are now are not suitable or sustainable.  Something has to be done.  We want to make that something the village can be proud of!

So we have done some serious thinking and research about the options available to bring the community centre facilities up to date…

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The centre and its grounds are managed by the WCA trustees but owned by the community. We want the community to be fully part of the ideas, planning and implementation of any change.

What you have said…

In the most recent Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) survey (see summary below) there was clear support for action.

Based on this positive steer from the village we commissioned work from experienced architects Stride Treglown, to look at the feasibility of two high-level concepts for us. You can see their report here.

We shared these concepts at the Michaelmas Fair on 10 September 2016, on these web-pages and we have also been speaking with people in the village since.

Based on the report and the continued positive feedback received the WCA trustees agreed that we should continue to explore Option 2 in the report – a new-build.

Having continued since then to explore the feasibility of this option, including the likely planning requirements and funding options, we now, in spring 2019, need to make a decision about whether to carry on.

See  Our Vision

The NDP Survey March 2016