Go WiNSpace 24 – Our Funders

The WiNSpace Project team and WCA Trustees would like to thank all our donors, supporters, sponsors and grant providers without whom the project could never have started.

Current Funding Gap is:
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The following Companies, Individuals and Supporters are making it happen

£300,000 has been granted from the Community Ownership Fund

Monies raised by the WCA Fund Raising group and from our own capital reserves. The money amounting to around £150,000 has been provided by the local residents and users of the Winscombe Community Centre over the years since it opened it’s door in 1981

National Grid Community Fund provided £20,000 for our initial Architectural work for WiNSpace’s planning application

Redrow Homes are providing £300,000 from their S106 requirement for building the Woodborough Farm housing estate

Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council have supported the WiNSpace project from it’s concept. The WiNSpace project has requested from the Parish Council a Grant of £250,000 and also to help facilitate a loan to us of £250,000

North Somerset Council have supported the WiNSpace project by facilitating the S106 funding from Redrow Homes. We also thank the Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council in recommending this award to North Somerset

A key part of our funding has come from local donors. We can’t thank those individuals enough, without whose support the project would not be where it is today