WiNSpace Launch Donation Push

With the likelihood of starting construction of the New Building in the Autumn, the WiNSpace team have launch their final donation push. The WiNSpace team have raised £1,700,000, much of which has been sourced from outside the Parish, such as National Grants and Government funds and they are looking for that last £300,000. We know that we can build a building for £1.7M but we must not stop there as we need to build a community centre. What this final £300,000 gives the building is proper kitchens, better inclusivity, solar panels, improved flooring (hopefully sprung), AV and Wi-Fi systems, good quality doors and windows, more storage and much much more.

We now have a fund thermometer outside the main building, what can you do to make us meet the top and burst through our Target of £2,000,000. Please help us