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Our open letter to Businesses and Individuals

Dear Friend of the Winscombe Community Centre,
We are really excited that, after 10 years in the planning, we are now about to start constructing our new community building in the Autumn. To fund this, the WiNSpace team have raised £1,700,000, much of which has been sourced from outside the Parish, such as National Grants and Government funds. Now through a rigorous tender process we have a selected preferred provider, who is working with us to meet our Autumn start date with a planned opening date of September 2025.
Through surveys we have shown that there is widespread community support and needs, with over 80% in favour from a Parish Council led survey. With the £1.7M we know we can build a building but our target is to create a fully functioning community centre that not only we will be proud of but will draw many people into Winscombe from the surrounding area. Our plans contain 3 bookable spaces including one with a capacity of 130. Also office spaces and a large (80m2) foyer to allow the local community to meet in, have exhibitions in or to be just used as a circulation space before events. We have also plans to improve the open space with additional tree planting and seating areas.
This letter is to ask you directly, as a local business or Individual, to help us meet our target of creating a Community Centre at the heart of the Village by raising the last £300K. Below we have developed a doner matrix which shows how you can be recognised with a donation. We fully understand that for many individuals and businesses times are always tough but every pound counts. So your help at this time will really be appreciated not just by us but by the whole community. This opportunity to make a big difference for the Parish only comes around very rarely therefore any financial help at this time will be remembered and make a difference for the generations to come.
If you would like to discuss a donation with the WiNSpace Project team please send them an email to support@winspace.org.uk. If you want to know more have a look at our website winspace.org.uk
Your Sincerely
The WCA Trustees and WiNSPace Committee