Special User Information Meeting 7th March

WiNSpace and the WCA trustees are holding an information evening at the Community Centre on Thursday 7th March, for an update on developments for our long-awaited new Community Centre. We are excited to share our progress so far, and to explain details of the project going forward, as the start of the build is only 6 months away.

At this meeting we will be able to show how the new community centre will look, and give our timeline for the start of the projected build. We have plans of the building, and proposals for the inside layout which we want to share. We can answer questions, and welcome suggestions as to how it will benefit the community. Your opinion really does count!

We also want to share our plans for the transition phase, during the construction, and what the possible impacts on users could be.

We want to involve as many users and future users of the site, to help drive this project forward as smoothly as possible. This whole project has been run by volunteers who want to serve the community, and to create a new centre for you and future generations in the village.

The evening will start at 6.30pm with a formal presentation at around 7.00pm. There will be plenty of time after this for you to talk to members of WiNSace to ask questions and look at the plans. Refreshments will be available.